Safeguard students, faculty and staff

As parents, students, 教师和社会对彩宝网平台的学校有更多的要求, 今天的教育系统必须适应尖端技术, systems, resources and environment. Architects supporting local governments, 学院和大学必须将设计与必要的教育安全要素结合起来,以防止风险, fires, active shooters and other hazards.

从建造新学校或设计宿舍到规划独特的现场活动, 彩宝网平台帮助您在设计的各个阶段了解代码和标准遵从性, construction and occupancy. Our team can also design fire protection, fire alarm; provide inspection and testing; facilitate live and web-based safety training; prepare emergency master plans and conduct fire and other emergency drills. 彩宝网平台还为建筑系统提供财产状况评估, 老化建筑的渐进式失效分析及修复方案.

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